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The concept of Bomber Camp™ was envisioned many years ago by Taigh Ramey, founder of the Stockton Field Aviation Museum and avid WWII collector and history buff. As originally conceived it allowed students a glimpse of what it was like to be one from our greatest generation as they trained for and prepared to be a flight or ground crew. The apex of this living history experience culminated in a flight on a vintage bomber.

Our Bomber Camp™ vision came to life at our first test camp in 2008. With early participation by the Arizona Ground Crew living history organization it has grown into an amazing experience that some have tried to reproduce but which cannot compare. With attendance rising, especially due to repeat attendees, Bomber Camp™ was expanded to include several of the Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom aircraft, consisting of a B-17G Flying Fortress and a B-24J Liberator heavy bomber, a B-25 Mitchell medium bomber, and a P-51 Mustang, as well as other escort planes and the museum's PV-2D Harpoon.


Through the hard and talented efforts of museum volunteers and WWII living history organizations, Bomber Camp™ has continued to grow, mature and evolve over the years. Based on feedback from past and prospective attendees, starting in 2018 the event was shortened to one day, making this unique WWII living history experience more affordable and available to a wider audience.

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