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Due to the unique nature of this event, the administrative and equipment costs involved, and the limited availability of openings and resources, once we confirm your registration, if you cancel prior to April 4th you will receive only a 50% refund, otherwise there will be no refund. Cancellations must be received in writing.

All participants must sign a medical waiver and standard release form. We reserve the right to cancel the program or portions of it if a suitable number of participants fail to enroll (bomber flights require a minimum crew to make them economically feasible).  All Bomber Camp™ basic and addon registration will be refunded if for some reason Bomber Camp™ does not take place. All Torpedo Camp™ basic and addon registration will be refunded if for some reason Torpedo Camp™ does not take place.  If a confirmed mission flight is cancelled and space is not available on another mission flight, you will be refunded the difference between a basic flight and a ground-only experience. If a confirmed addon flight is canceled, you will be refunded for that portion of your registration. Except for full-crew flights, choice of mission bomber and crew cannot be guaranteed, and no refund will be issued if your preference cannot be fulfilled.

It is understood that the organizers of Bomber Camp™ and Torpedo Camp™ are authorized to use photographs and video taken of the participants at Bomber Camp™ and Torpedo Camp™ for promotional and advertising purposes. It is also understood that, although great effort is taken to maintain the equipment used, some activities and equipment that have been advertised as being at Bomber Camp™ or Torpedo Camp™ may be cancelled for safety reasons, equipment failure, or other unforeseen circumstances that can arise with 70+ year old equipment.

Bomber Camp™ and Torpedo Camp™ participants are responsible for arranging transportation, hotel accommodations, and meals (note that Bomber Camp™ includes lunch as part of the daily program). For those choosing to attend both days please note that camp is a one-day event, with the same program being repeated on both days. The program introduces you to many new concepts and activities, so attending both days will allow you to focus on different aspects of the training and to gain greater insight into what aircrews experienced.

If you choose the Ground Only/NO FLIGHT experience you will participate in all ground training and activities the same as other participants, but you will NOT fly on a bomber mission flight. You may choose to upgrade your experience at any time to include a bomber mission flight by paying the difference, assuming space is available. You may also choose add-on flights at any time, assuming space is available.


To make camp as affordable as possible we offer several options regarding bank fees: No fee for payment by check, 5% for electronic payment (credit card, Paypal, etc.), and $25 for wire transfer. Payment is expected when you register. Your participation and preferences will be reserved when we receive payment and you receive confirmation -- no exceptions.

By completing registration, you acknowledge that you have read these terms and that you and those you represent are agreeing to these terms.

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